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Specialty Jumpers: Product

Specialty Jumpers

Our Specialty Jumpers are all one of our best selections out there! Looking For something unique and

a show stopper well look no more, these are some of our most entertaining jumpers!

Unparalleled value, service, and convenience. We strive to provide our customers with the best rental products at quality prices. We are here to help with your every need.

Check out our selection online, and come on down to our Inflatable Rentals and Party Supplies for so much more.

Size: 20W x 35L x 18H  

Space Required: 22W x 37L x20H

obsticle course.jpg

Size: 15W x 30L x 14H  

Space Required: 16W x 31L x 15H

4in1 Combo Jumper

Size: 15Wx20Lx18H 

Space Required: 17Wx22Lx20H

CD 7.jpg
Dance Dome  Jumper

Size: 17Wx17Lx18H 

Space Required: 18Wx18Lx18H

Pinwheel Kids
Twister Jumper

Size: 13W x 13L x 13H    

Space Required: 14W x 14L x 14H

Curve Slide Water&Dry Jumper

Size: 21Wx22Lx15H 

Space Required: 23Wx25Lx18H

Pinwheel Kids
Water-Combo Jumper

 Size: 15Wx30Lx14H   

Space Required: 16Wx32Lx16H

waterslide combo.jpg
Double Water Slide

Size: 18Wx30Lx18H     

Space Required: 20Wx32Lx20H

watersile double.jpg
Dolphin Water Slide

                              Size: 15Wx25Lx15H         

Space Required: 16Wx26Lx15H

dolphine water.jpg
Single Water Slide

                              Size: 15Wx25Lx15H         

Space Required: 16Wx26Lx15H

jumper 3.jpg
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